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Beyond the data frontier

Berlin, June 4 – June 6

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What can you expect?

Data has opened up a new frontier of possibilities for you. Let us guide you to the other side – armed with the latest insights, proven expertise and the best in-memory database platform on the planet. Whether you want to know how to extract valuable analytical insights, you’re wondering what to do in the cloud or on-premises, or just want to glimpse of what’s possible, Exasol Xperience 2019 is the place to be.

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Live demos

Experience live demos and new features from Exasol’s partners.

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Our roadmap

Take a look at our roadmap and where we are moving towards in 2019.

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Inspirational speakers

Hear from inspirational speakers from all around the world.

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Gain the opportunity to network with other enthusiastic big data users.

Our event agenda

For end users, our registration desk will open on June 4, 2019 at 5:00 PM. For partners, our registration desk will be open on June 4, 2019 at 12:00 PM. On June 4, 2019, between 2:00 – 5:00 PM, sessions are open exclusively for partners.

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  • D1: Partner Day

    June 4, 2019

  • D2: Customer Sessions

    June 5, 2019

  • D3: Customer Sessions

    June 6, 2019

  • Aaron Auld, CEO of Exasol, welcomes our partners to Xperience 2019. He will go through key highlights from previous years and give an update on where we are on our exciting growth journey. Aaron will also take the opportunity to thank you – our partners - and share why our partner ecosystem is so important to us as we grow globally.

  • Get the lowdown on where future opportunities lies as Helena Schwenk, our in-house analyst and market intelligence expert, sheds light on the key market trends that are shaping the world of data analytics. She’ll focus on: cloud, Big Data, BI, Data Science and predictive analytics. Mathias Golombek, our CTO, will dive deeper and showcase to you how we’re becoming increasingly relevant and successful in these four areas.

  • You’ll hear from Sam Sibley and Carsten Weidmann, who will update you on all the content and tools that are now at your disposal – designed to make your life as an Exasol partner as easy and profitable as possible. We’ll go through the benefits of Exacademy and how to get ramped up quickly through our easy-to-use online platform. Gain access to customized enablement programs and workshops covering diverse topics including skills to win business with Exasol, making the most of the competitive advantage of your know-how, and how to gain deeper engagement and understanding of Exasol and our technology. Furthermore, how to manage deals including pricing model, deal registration and support.

  • As one of our trusted partners, we want to give something back to you as a thanks for all your hard work. That’s why the last section of the day will focus on helping you drive significant revenue by making the most of everything we have to offer. What can you expect? You will learn how to get the most out of Exasol's capabilities and build scalable demand generation partnerships. We will present case studies of where we have won together with partners.

  • Turning Big Data analytics into profit - how OTTO’s data scientists use our analytical database (With Bjoern Stachmann) In this presentation OTTO’s Bjoern Stachmann will demonstrate how their data scientists are using our analytical database to get more value from their Big Data architecture. By using a self-adjusted system called a Data Science Box, their data scientists have virtual access to any data source within the organization – be it their data warehouse, data lake or our database. Using pre-defined connectors out of the Data Science Box, OTTO can now easily access their data to find new business opportunities and any information that adds value to their enterprise You’ll learn why we added Virtual Schemas to the Data Science Box to help OTTO’s data scientists access data sources in relational models and tables. It’s enabled them to get easy, fast and secure access to data, so they can develop new trade mechanisms or features within their customer facing applications. Using our Virtual Schema as an access layer to classic data sources, also helps to supports their data security, encryption and decryption - without the need for separate toolsets or services. Mr. Stachmann will touch on the Exasol to Spark adapter, which allows a direct one-to-one data interaction between the systems without the need to use external tools, or add any complexity to the existing architecture. And at the heart of Mr Stachmann’s talk he’ll take you through how OTTO use our analytical database with the Data Science Box and Virtual Schemas to do away with the time consuming need to gather and merge high aggregate data and raw data out of different data silos for their fast exploration and predictions. Now, they can simply do analytics where ever their data is, whatever format it’s in - and get the highest performance response time’s they’ve ever had. It has helped them become much more efficient by finding new, valuable information out of the existing data treasures, resulting in higher value and lower risk to their core business.
    Data Science & Predictive Analytics

  • Drive continuous adoption of analytics and foster a data-driven culture: HyperIntelligence has the potential to completely change the way organizations handle data, and deliver information directly to users' web-based workflows. HyperIntelligence, a brand new category of analytics, delivers insights without mouse click (zero-click intelligence). HyperIntelligence enables users to leverage the HyperCard ™ application which is available on the new MicroStategy 2019 platform: They just need to move the cursor over highlighted words in web pages and other browser-based applications in Google Chrome and directly see relevant and contextual information – also using language assistants, image recognition software and GPS applications. HyperCards facilitate the deployment of Zero-Click Intelligence to all users across the enterprise.

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Beyond the data frontier

We may never fully understand the complexities of our world but with all this data our fingertips, we’re getting significantly closer. As a business, you now have chance to be more agile, predictive and in tune with your customers needs than ever before.

But guess what? Everyone has the same idea as you. And stepping into this beguiling data frontier is a bit like stepping into the unknown depths of space. If you invest in the wrong tech or strategy you might end up with obsolete ideas. Yet you have no option to go forward.

The future of data analytics

That’s where we come in. Think of Exasol as your guides through the frontier – armed with the latest insights, proven expertise and a superfast and powerful data analytics platform. So let us show you what’s beyond the data frontier, whether you want to know how to extract valuable data insights, you’re wondering what to do in the cloud or on-premises, or just want to glimpse of what’s possible.

Key topics to be covered at the event

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Big Data

Big Data


Data Science & Predictive Analytics

Data Science & Predictive Analytics

Our Speakers

Aaron Auld

Aaron Auld

CEO, Exasol

Aaron Auld is the CEO at Exasol AG, a position he has held since July 2013.

Mathias Golombek

Mathias Golombek

CTO, Exasol

Mathias joined Exasol in 2004 as a developer, led the DB optimisation team and became a member of the executive board in 2013.

Eva Murray

Eva Murray

Tableau Evangelist, Exasol

Eva is our Tableau Zen Master. She’s responsible for executing our data-driven strategy and managing our Centre of Excellence.

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Who should attend Exasol Xperience 2019?

We’ve extended an invitation to all of our users, customers and partners. The agenda is full of educational, collaborative and interesting sessions – so there’s really something for everyone. The sessions for partners will take place on June 4, 2019, whereas everyone is welcome to attend sessions on June 5-6, 2019.

What language will the presenters be speaking?

Although the event takes place in Berlin, Exasol Xperience 2019 is an international event and all sessions and details will be in English.

Where do I go to pick up my badge when I arrive?

The registration desk will be located in front of the conference area and will be open on Tuesday, June 4 from 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM for partners. All attendees can pick up their badges starting Tuesday evening at 5:00 PM and once more on Wednesday morning, June 5 from 7:00 AM- 5:00 PM.


Cafe Moskau
Karl-Marx-Allee 34
10178 Berlin

Striking 1960s-era conference center, with space for 2400, with meeting rooms, atrium & rose garden.

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